more Acid Fast Stain (BMB-1000) Air dried slide All $5.00
more Aerobic Culture (BAC-0100) All except milk: see Milk Culture (BAC-2000) All $23.00 / $9.50
more Aerobic Susceptibility (BAC-0101) All All $26.00
more Anaerobic Culture (BAC-0200) All

Urine and swabs not labeled for anaerobic culture are not appropriate.
All $23.00 / $9.50
more Bacterial Identification (BAC-5035) Plate with pure culture All $23.00
more Brucella Canis Blood Culture (BAC-6000) (1.0 ml) Whole blood (blue top) Canine $4.50
more Bulk Tank Milk Culture (BAC-2001) (50 ml) Fresh or Frozen milk Bovine $12.00
more Bulk Tank Milk-Staph Aureus Screen (BAC-2003) (50 ml) Fresh or Frozen milk Bovine, Caprine, Ovine $8.00
more Campylobacter Culture (BAC-0301) All All $22.00
more Frozen Isolate Storage (BAC-5025) Isolate (Aerobic or Anaerobic) All $25.00
more Fungal Culture (BFU-1000) All All $22.00 / $6.00
more Gram Stain (BAC-0001) All All $5.50
more Milk Culture (BAC-2000) Fresh or Frozen milk Bovine, Caprine, Ovine $6.00
more Milk Mycoplasma Culture (BMP-2000) Fresh or frozen milk

Individual or Bulk Tank
Bovine $6.50
more Mycoplasma Culture (BMP-1000)

1.0 ml fluid

Swabs (no wooden shaft)

5.0 gm tissue

Bovine $23.00
more Ruminant Abortion Bacteria Culture Panel (BAC-0303) Fetal abomasal fluid. Alternative samples are fresh fetal lung or fresh fetal liver Bovine, Sheep, Goats $32.00