more Ehrlichia canis antibody screen IFA (SIF-1013) For Export
(0.5 ml) Serum (red top)
Canine $29.00
more Canine Parvovirus - HI (SHI-0121) (0.5 ml) Serum (red top)
Canine $22.00
more Infectious Canine Hepatitis Virus (canine adenovirus-1, ICH) SN (SSN-0108) Serum (.5ml) Canine $22.00
more Canine Herpesvirus SN (SSN-0107) (0.5 ml) Serum (red top)
Canine $22.00
more Canine Distemper Virus SN (SSN-0106) (0.5 ml) Serum (red top)
(0.5 ml) CSF (red top)
Canine $22.00
more Canine Coronavirus SN (SSN-0105) (0.5 ml) Serum (red top)
Canine $22.00
more Camelid IgG RID (SFP-1020) (0.5 ml) Serum (red top or preservative-free tube)
(0.5 ml) Plasma (preservative-free tube)
(1.0 ml) Whole blood (purple top)
Camelid $31.00
more Bovine Leukemia Virus (BLV) PCR (MDL-3370) (1.0 ml) Whole blood (purple top) Bovine
more Mycoplasma Species PCR (MDL-1060) Moist swabs from deep within nasal passage, tonsils, trachea and bronchi; vulvar swab, conjunctival swab, joint swab, joint fluid/capsule, tracheal/bronchial washes, thoracic fluid, pleura, pericardium, peritoneal fluid, fresh tissue with lesions, aborted fetuses, cloacal/cloanal swabs

A gel bacterial swab is not acceptable

Bovine, porcine, ovine, equine, canine, feline $35.00
more Clostridium Species FA (FLA-1037) (5 gm) Muscle tissue (Cardiac or Skeletal)
Bovine, ovine, canine $7.50
more Ruminant Abortion Bacteria Culture Panel (BAC-0303) Fetal abomasal fluid. Alternative samples are fresh fetal lung or fresh fetal liver Bovine, Sheep, Goats $32.00
more Dendogram PCR Analysis (MDL-1305B) Performed on pure isolates from Aerobic Culture (BAC 0100) only Bovine, Sheep $22.00
more Brucella Card (SGG-1007) (0.5 ml) Serum (red top) Bovine, Porcine,Bison,Cervidae $4.00
more Rota Virus IHC (IHC-1104) Fixed Tissue, tissue block or unstained slides Bovine, Porcine $31.00
more Bluetongue Virus (BTV) and Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (EHDV) PCR (MDL-1132) (5 gm) Fresh tissue (spleen)
(1.0 ml) Whole blood (purple top)
Bovine, Ovine, Deer, and other ruminants $46.50
more Johne's Fecal PCR (MDL-1200) Fresh feces (5 gms) Bovine, Ovine, Caprine $35.00
more Johne's Fecal Pooled PCR (MDL-1201) Fresh Feces (5 gms) Please send in individual spill proof containers, samples will be pooled by the lab Bovine, Ovine, Caprine $42.00
more Coccidioides immitis antibody screen AGID (SAG-1011) (0.5 ml) Serum (red top) or preservative-free tube
Bovine, Ovine, Canine, Feline, Primates, Equine $23.00
more Moraxella Speciation PCR (MDL-1305A) Eye Swab sent for Aerobic Culture (BAC 0100)
Speciation can only be performed on pure culture isolates.
Bovine, Ovine $46.50
more Bovine Anaplasmosis PCR (MDL-1120) (5 gm) Fresh spleen
(2.0 ml) Whole blood (purple top)
Bovine, Llamma $35.00
more Cryptococcus antigen screen LA (SLA-1012) (1.0 ml) Serum (red top)
(0.5 ml) Cerebrospinal Fluid (preservative-free sterile tube)
Bovine, Feline, Canine, Equine, Fox, Dolphin, Mink $23.00
more Herd Fecal Egg Count Reduction test (FECRT) (PAR-1106)

1)Before deworming: 20 random individual samples of approximately 5 grams/sample (teaspoon size) placed into one container.

2) Repeat on day 10-14 after deworming

Bovine, Caprine, and Ovine $27.00
more Pregnancy Serum ELISA (SES-1170) 0.5 ml serum (red top) for Bovine, Caprine, Ovine

0.5 ml whole blood (purple top) for Bovine and Buffalo
Bovine, Caprine, Ovine, Buffalo $4.50
more Bulk Tank Milk-Staph Aureus Screen (BAC-2003) (50 ml) Fresh or Frozen milk Bovine, Caprine, Ovine $8.00
more Milk Culture (BAC-2000) Fresh or Frozen milk Bovine, Caprine, Ovine $6.00
more Individual Milk-Staph Aureus Screen (BAC-2002) Milk Bovine, Caprine, Ovine $4.00
more Bluetongue (BTV) Antibody ELISA (SES-1163) (0.5 ml) Serum (red top)
(0.5 ml) Whole blood (purple top)
Bovine, Caprine, Ovine $10.50
more Iba1 IHC (IHC-1105) Fixed tissue, tissue block, unstained slide Bovine, Canine, Equine, Feline, Porcine $31.00
more Immuno CSF (IMM-1100) (1.0 ml) CSF Bovine, Canine, Equine, Feline $110.50
more Immuno Peritoneal (IMM-1120) (1.0 ml) Peritoneal Fluid Bovine, Canine, Equine, Feline $110.50