more Magnesium, Total - Urine Urine All $13.00
more Potassium ( CP2260 ) Urine All $16.50
more Classical Swine Fever (CSF) (MDL-2005) Swabs (Tonsillar or Nasal)
A gel bacterial swab is not acceptable
Swine $45.00
more Avian Influenza Virus (AI) PCR (MDL-2015) Swabs (Oropharyngeal or Cloacal)
(5 gm) Tissue (Lung)
A gel bacterial swab is not acceptable
Avian $48.50
more Feline Upper Respiratory Viral PCR (MDL-3600) Swabs (Oral or Ocular)
A gel bacterial swab is not acceptable
Feline $46.50
more Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) PCR (MDL-3320) Swabs (Nasal or Pharyngeal)
Fresh tissue (Ear notch or fetal tissue pool)
(1.0 ml) Whole blood (purple top)
(0.5 ml) Serum (red top)
A gel bacterial swab is not acceptable
Bovine $26.50
more Ureaplasma Diversum PCR (MDL-1080) Swab, fresh fetal abomasal contents
5 gm of either fresh tissue (lung, caruncle or cotyledon)

A gel bacterial swab is not acceptable

Bovine $35.00
more Stat Fee (CP-902) Stat testing is available on most Clinical Pathology tests $16.00
more Serology - STAT FEE (SER-9001) Stat testing is available on all serology tests except leptospira and export tests $32.00
more Soil Egg Recovery (PAR-1022) Soil (30 grams) Collected 2-3 inches below the surface from 3 seperate spots All $40.50
more Bovine Tritrichomonas Foetus Culture (PAR-1030) Smegma in Biomed’s TF pouch kept at 59° - 99°
Gauze collection accepted
Bovine $11.50
more IHC Interpretation (PTH-2001) Slides (Stained or Unstained)
Tissue Block or Fixed Tissue
All $31.00
more Digital Scan – Brightfield (DSN-1000) Slides All $6.50
more Cytologic Exam (CP-401) Slides All $30.00
more Digital Scan – Fluorescence (DSN-1001) Slides All $12.50
more Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) PCR (MDL-1110) Serum,Tissue (Lung, Lymph Node, Tonsil), Oral fluid/saliva, Blood
- Samples may be pooled in quantities of up to 5 samples for serum and blood samples.
- Pooled testing on oral fluids is not validated.
Porcine $34.00
more RFFIT-Rabies Antibody Endpoint Serum (1-2ml) Humans and All Animals $71.00
more RFFIT-Rabies Antibody Screen Serum (1-2ml) Humans and All Animals $47.00
more Micro RFFIT Screen Titer Serum (1 ml)

This test is ordered only through the on-line Electronic Core Vaccine Titer Screen
Submission Form for veterinarians only.

Canine, Feline $34.00
more Infectious Canine Hepatitis Virus (canine adenovirus-1, ICH) SN (SSN-0108) Serum (.5ml) Canine $22.00
more Porcine Circovirus 2 (PCV2) IFA Serum (.5ml) Porcine $13.00
more Potassium ( CP2255 ) Serum All $13.50
more Virus Isolate Full Genome Sequencing (MDL-0300) Sequencing can only be performed on isolates in cell culture
Samples other than isolates need to be submitted for virus isolation (VVI-0135) prior to genome sequencing.
All $329.00
more Clostridium perfringens Genotyping PCR (MDL-1030) Pure cultures/isolates of Clostridium perfringens or Pure DNA
Canine, ovine, bovine, equine, swine $42.50
more Bacterial Identification (BAC-5035) Plate with pure culture All $23.00
more Potassium ( CP2250 ) Plasma (heparin-green top), Serum, Ocular Fluid All $13.50
more Plant Identification (TOX-1032) Plants Rumen contents All $25.00
more Dendogram PCR Analysis (MDL-1305B) Performed on pure isolates from Aerobic Culture (BAC 0100) only Bovine, Sheep $22.00
more Nitrate Quantitative (TOX-1029) Ocular fluid, serum Any $25.00
more Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) IHC (IHC-1065) Obex or Retropharyngeal Lymph Node Ungulates $28.00