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More Necropsy - Insurance (NEC-1045) Whole Animal All $400.00
More Necropsy - Gross Routine (NEC-1005) Whole Animal All $30.00 / $0.00
More Bacterial 16S V3 and V4 Metagenomic Sequencing (MDL-0200) Whole blood (EDTA), Plasma, Urine, Whole blood (citrate), Fresh Tissue, Feces, Serum All $200.00
More Rabies Suspect Mammals DFA (RFA-1001) Whole brain or a full cross section of the brain stem and cerebellum All Mammals $49.00
More Pathologist Emergency Service (CP-901) $51.00
More Animal Remains Processing, Bovine 30 Months and Older (ADM-1090) Bovine $110.00
More Euthanasia Fee (ADM-1101) All $17.00
More Animal Remains Processing, <2 lbs. (ADM-1093) All $5.00
More Animal Remains, Rendering >100 lbs. (ADM-1098) All $58.00
More Blood Tube - Royal Blue (ADM-4039) $0.50
More CWD Kit - Farmed Cervid (ADM-4037) $5.00
More Equine Remains Processed (ADM-1102) Equine $400.00
More Animal Remains, Rendering 50-100 lbs. (ADM-1089) All $42.00
More CLAY PAW, EACH (ADM-1185) Canine Feline $18.00
More Animal Remains Processing, 26-50 lbs. (ADM-1088) All $40.00
More Animal Remains Processing, 3-25 lbs. (ADM-1087) All $20.00