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  TEST NAME Leptospira sp. PCR and 6 Serovar MAT (SMA-1100)
  SECTION Molecular Service, Serology

PCR: (5.0 ml) Urine in a sterile container

**Urine is the preferred sample. It is most likely to be positive by the time the pet is symptomatic compared to whole blood.

***PCR testing for the panel includes one PCR on either urine OR whole blood. If you would like both samples tested, this needs to be marked on the submission form, and there will be an additional $36.00 charged to the accession.

(2.0 ml) Whole blood (purple top)

**Whole blood is only positive early in the course of disease, often while pet is still asymptomatic. We recommend performing PCR on both urine and whole blood if there is any doubt about the duration of illness.

If we receive both urine and blood, we will complete a PCR on both ($72.00 total) unless stated on the submission form to complete on either urine or blood, but not both.

(5 gm) Tissue (Kidney, Aborted Fetal Material or Placenta)

MAT: (2.0 ml) Serum (red top) or preservative free tube

See result reporting in the TEST COMMENTS section below

  SPECIES Canine
  PRICING $49.00
  SAMPLE CONTAINER Urine: Red top or preservative-free tube: PCR
Whole blood: Purple top tube: PCR
Serum: Red top tube: MAT
Fresh tissue: Spill-proof container
  DAYS TESTED T, F (early a.m)
  ESTIMATED TURNAROUND 2-3 business days
  TEST COMMENTS PCR reported as Positive, Negative, Suspect with Ct values for generic Leptospira sp. (not individual serovars)

MAT reported as titers for each serovar

  PROCEDURES Polymerase chain reaction and Microscopic agglutination test
  DELIVERY METHOD Next day delivery or 2 day transit strongly recommended
  SECTION GROUP Molecular Diagnostics and Serology