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  TEST NAME Biopsy - > 8 cm (HHE-0014)
  SECTION Histopathology
  SPECIMENS Fixed or Fresh Tissue
  PRICING $36.00
  SAMPLE CONTAINER Spill-proof container, leak-proof packaging
  SHIPPING PRESERVE 10% (NBF) formalin or cold pack (if fresh tissue)
  ESTIMATED TURNAROUND 2 – 7 working days. Turnaround time is impacted by extent of decalcification needed and assumes that testing occurs without complication. If complications arise, turnaround time may be longer and we would make a reasonable effort to notify the submitter of the delay.
  TEST COMMENTS Submission of an amputated limb or maxillary or mandibular section for histologic examination will be assessed this fee in addition to the Routine Biopsy fee. Biopsies measuring >8cm at their largest dimension require a significant number of additional slides in order to fully evaluate the tissue and potential margins. This fee will be assessed in addition to the Routine Biopsy fee. Whole spleens are excluded from this additional fee.
  PROCEDURES Gross trimming, histopathology
  DELIVERY METHOD Next day delivery or 2 day transit is recommended
  SECTION GROUP Histopathology