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  TEST NAME Routine Biopsy (HHE-0000)
  SECTION Histopathology
  SPECIMENS Fixed Tissue
  PRICING $70.00
  SAMPLE CONTAINER Spill-proof container
  SHIPPING PRESERVE 10% (NBF) formalin
  ESTIMATED TURNAROUND 2 working days. Turnaround time assumes that testing occurs without complication. If complications arise, turnaround time may be longer and we would make a reasonable effort to notify the submitter of the delay.
  TEST COMMENTS Includes diagnosis, comments, margins evaluation (if requested), and required stains at pathologist's discretion for 1-3 masses or biopsies from one patient.

Add $11.00 for histologic description (extended biopsy) (HHE-0022)
Add $14.50 for additional mass or biospy (>3 masses or biopsies) (HHE-0023)
Add $37.00 for masses or biopsies measuring 8 cm at their largest dimension (HHE-0014)
Add $64.00 for entire amputated limb, mandible, or maxilla (HHE-0013)
Add $21.00 for small bony masses, toes, teeth (that require decalcification) (HHE-0038)
  PROCEDURES Gross trimming, histopathology
  DELIVERY METHOD Next day delivery or 2 day transit is recommended
  SECTION GROUP Histopathology