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  TEST NAME Iron, TIBC, Ferritin (CHE-1030)
  SECTION Clinical Pathology
  SPECIMENS (0.5 ml) Serum (red top) or Heparinized Plasma (separated and frozen)
  SPECIES Beluga Whale, Canine, Dolphin, Elephant, Equine, Feline, Fur Seal, Rhino, Tapir
  PRICING $64.00
  SAMPLE CONTAINER Red top blood tube or preservative-free sterile tube
For submissions containing >10 samples, the expected turnaround time may be up to one week or greater
  TEST COMMENTS Discount pricing available for >10 samples. Iron in the body is a necessary metal required not only for the synthesis of hemoglobin but also for many cellular enzymes and coenzymes. Iron is transported in serum bound to the protein transferrin. Normally, only about one-third of the available binding sites on transferrin are occupied by iron. The total iron binding capacity is found in serum; therefore, it includes the amount of iron already bound to the transferrin (serum iron) plus the amount of iron required to saturate the unoccupied binding sites of transferrin. Clinically the determination of serum iron and total iron binding capacity is useful in the differential diagnosis of anemias and other iron disorders. The spectrophotometric measurement of serum iron is accomplished by releasing the protein bound iron from its carrier protein transferrin and complexing the released iron with a suitable chromogen.
  PROCEDURES Colorimetric
  DELIVERY METHOD Next day delivery or 2 day transit is recommended
  SECTION GROUP Clinical Pathology