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  TEST NAME Bovine Tritrichomonas foetus PCR (MDL-1307)
  SECTION Molecular Service
  SPECIMENS Saline/PBS or Biomed InPouch containing:
Preputial wash
Vaginal or uterine fluid
If submitting in a Biomed InPouch (gauze collection accepted)
If submitting in Biomed InPouch, samples should be kept at 59° F to 99° F.
  SPECIES Bovine
  PRICING $28.50
  SAMPLE CONTAINER Saline/PBS submissions should be submitted in screw top plastic tubes.
InPouch™ pouch or InPouch™ tube
  SHIPPING PRESERVE Saline/PBS samples should be shipped on ice.

Biomed InPouch samples should be shipped between 59°-99°.
If the ambient temperature is outside this range, please call 785-532-5650 for instructions.

Do not ship Biomed InPouch samples on ice.
  DAYS TESTED Saline/PBS: Monday-Friday
InPouch: Monday-Friday
  ESTIMATED TURNAROUND Saline/PBS: 2-3 business days
InPouch: 2-5 business days
  TEST COMMENTS Saline/PBS samples do not require incubation.

InPouch samples will be incubated for 48 hours before testing.

Please make sure the state you are residing in or shipping bulls into recognize Trichomonas results from saline/PBS samples.

Reported as Positive, Negative, Suspect with Ct values
  PROCEDURES Polymerase chain reaction
  DELIVERY METHOD Next day delivery or 2 day transit is recommended
  SECTION GROUP Molecular Diagnostics